Litter and Laugh Walk 1st July 2019

A distance of 3 mile was covered in which the Litter and Laugh Walk team collected litter which was later recycled. An approximate 300 calories were burned and just under 10 thousand steps covered.

The Litter and Laugh walks are an ideal opportunity to help out in the community whilst meeting new people and getting fit along the way. Everyone is welcome with the walk ending at the Westoe Crown Hub in South Shields where complementary drinks are served.

The litter picked not only helps keep our streets clean but helps keep safe our land and sea animals. With sightings of Dolphins and Minke Whales off the North East Coast it is ever more important that plastics and other dangerous items are stopped from entering the river and sea.

If you would like to help out on the next Litter and Laugh Walk or even adopt your own street, perhaps you are a business owner in South Tyneside keen to help, then contact Angela Todd on 01914274959 or email where she happily chat over how to help make the difference.

Some photos from the walk…

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